Working Together

Profit is a result, not a purpose.

In 2016, I started a business to help elevate the stories of companies who are just as eager to share what they do with why they do it. Today, I’m fortunate to work alongside business owners and leaders to create meaningful brand positioning that builds brand engagement, motivates employees and guides critical decision-makingI believe you must know your story, before you tell your story.

A recent EY/HBR study shows that CEOs believe a company with a strong sense of purpose is better positioned to drive successful innovation, achieve transformational change and grow revenue, yet only about one-third admitted to having a defined purpose. 

If you’re interested in revisiting your organization’s brand purpose, growing your business or building a more compelling marketing and communications platform, I would love the opportunity to talk. Please email me at karenbaileyllc(at) to get started on defining a purpose greater than profit alone.