brand purpose cluttered market

Making your message stand out in a cluttered market

One the greatest questions today for many brands is how to stand out in a cluttered marketplace. When you look around, most industries are flooded with nearly the same verbiage. It’s very easy for your message to get lost. Today, I’m sharing four ways to use brand purpose to cut through the clutter.

One. Know your story: The most important thing an organization can do to differentiate your brand is to know your story or purpose. Companies that are in sync across the organization are special and it stands out. These are places where everyone in the organization understands the value of the organization and they are often inspired enough to share it.

Two. Let go of status quo: In my work, I start most projects with a competitive analysis. I do this for a few reasons. But, mostly because I want to know what everyone else is saying so we can say something different. I want to see the overlap and find a way to disrupt things just a little bit. So, be bold. Leave behind words that have lost their meaning and find a new way to talk about yourself.

Three. Build brand consistency: Once you have your purpose nailed down, make sure it is everywhere. You may feel like a broken record, but everything you do should have some nod or relevancy back to your purpose. Your website, social strategy, collateral, promotional materials, employees and partners should be in alignment. It won’t happen overnight, but always be on the look out for new ways to tell the same story. 

Four. Be authentic: You hear this a lot, but its true. Consumers and employees are increasingly looking to organizations that feel authentic or true to themselves. The best way to achieve this level of trust is to start by doing to work to understand your organization’s value – what you do best and why you do it. If you have that nailed, then keep finding ways to share your story. Explore partnerships with other organizations that share your purpose or engage in discussions that align with your values. 

The marketplace is cluttered. By defining your brand purpose and sharing it boldly, your brand will stand out.