Building the business case for brand purpose.

I would love the opportunity to speak at your upcoming event, retreat or meeting about purpose-led business and why future success may require all businesses to define a purpose greater than profit alone.

Participants can expect: to discuss the new demands on businesses to serve both purpose and profit; to understand the value of brand purpose to increase engagement, motivate employees and drive thoughtful decision-making; and/or how to take immediate steps to position your brand to thrive in the social purpose economy.

Karen Bailey is a dynamic, trend-forward speaker, passionate about sharing what she’s learned about the value of building a purpose greater than profit. With more than 15 years of public relations and marketing experience, Karen engages audiences in pointed discussions, case studies, practical experience building purpose for her clients and recent business trends.

Email me at karenbaileyllc (at) gmail.com for availability.  

Recent speaking engagements include:

  • A Purpose Greater Than Profit, Ohio Northern University (Intro to PR and Leadership Skills), 4/24/19
  • Brand Purpose is Your Brand Superpower, 2019 YouToo Social Media Conference – Akron PRSA (Session Speaker and Panelist), 4/26/19
  • A Purpose Greater Than Profit, Capital University (MBA “Ethics & Social Responsibility”), 4/4/19
  • Building the Business Case for Brand Purpose, Capital University (MBA “Ethics & Social Responsibility”), 11/15/18
  • The Case for Purposeful Business & Social Enterprise, Awesome Women in Business, 9/11/18
  • The Case for Purposeful Business & Social Enterprise, Capital University (MBA “Ethics & Social Responsibility”), 6/18/18
  • Our New Role as Brand Purpose Managers, The Ohio State University (Strategic Messaging), 11/15/17
  • The Case for Purposeful Business & Social Enterprise, Ohio Northern University (PR Case Studies), 10/23/17
  • Building Brand Purpose, Ohio Northern University (Intro to PR), 10/23/17
  • Exploring Purpose-led Business, Otterbein University (Branding), 9/7/17
  • The Role of PR in Building Brand Purpose, Otterbein University (Branding), 9/5/17
  • Leading Through Change, Wells Law Marketing Series, 8/17/17
  • Communicating Culture, Wells Law Marketing Series, 7/12/17
  • Online Reputation, Wells Law Marketing Series, 6/21/17
  • The Future of Brand Building, Ohio Northern University (PRSSA), 4/27/17