Karen Bailey, Purpose Greater Than Profit, About
Karen Bailey

In 2016, I left my job in communications and marketing to start a business and with a goal to bring more purpose into my life. I hoped to be not only more intentional with my time but also to bring a greater sense of purpose to my work.

Coincidentally, it was working with a client to help flesh out their purpose that I found my own. I uncovered a passion for companies that are making bold commitments to pursue a purpose greater than profit.

I find myself encouraged and uplifted by companies and leaders who are just as interested in making money as they are in changing the world. Companies that are challenging the current business model in favor of the opportunity to do well while also doing good.

Purpose Greater than Profit is the result of this journey to better understand the processes, influences and factors that help companies build a purpose beyond profit alone. I invite you to join me in:

  • Exploring today’s trends that are changing the business landscape of tomorrow.
  • Celebrating the people and companies that are aggressively pursuing purpose-led business.
  • Sharing the business case and resources for brand purpose and purpose-led leadership.